Our skilled team are experienced in all aspects of roof construction.

We offer a variety of finishes in new or reclaimed tiles, slate or cedar shingles. All our roof coverings are carefully selected to match if necessary any existing property. On completion we will install the guttering and down pipes.

The selection of the roof covering is one of the most important decisions to be made as the finish needs to blend with the surrounding buildings but at the same time look harmonious with the oak barn. We invest a considerable amount of energy in providing samples and advice to our clients to ensure this important decision is appropriately made.

For our bespoke oak barns, we can offer varying roof pitches, dormer windows, roof lights, and roof profiles such as half or barn hips, full hips, gable ends and cat slides.

Many of our barns are designed as habitable accommodation, games rooms, offices, bedrooms and annexe accommodation either on the ground floor, in a vaulted structure or on the upper floor above garaging.

Feature oak trusses or oak collars can be incorporated to further enhance the internal roof design.

The techniques employed by our roofers are no different to any other building or extension and our roofing team’s services are available to any clients wishing to undertake any roofing project.