Building Regulations

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All our buildings are designed to comply with current building regulations and we are happy to liaise with your local authority building control department or use a contracted consultant building inspector throughout the process. Surrey Oak Barns will make the necessary building control applications, agree the project specifications, co-ordinate the various inspections and obtain the completion certificate on your behalf.

We employ independent structural engineers to design the sub-structure and provide the necessary calculations for submission to building control.
All our oak frames are subjected to rigorous third party engineering analysis for structural validity, and the structural calculations will be sent to you for retention and forwarded to the building control officer where required.
As many of our barns are created for residential and commercial use and are often extensions to existing properties, we need to be fully conversant with all aspects of the current building regulations. Our barns are bespoke and therefore allow us to engineer them to satisfy any use and incorporate the necessary insulation, fire protection, structural integrity, glazing etc. to meet current regulations.
Some buildings are exempt from building regulations, however we will still carry out our own assessment of the design and provide the appropriate documents for your retention.