The structural design and the quality of the groundwork is key to the success and durability of any building.

We carry out the installation of the foundations, brickwork and oversites to the satisfaction of the local authority building control department and structural engineer’s specification. We will ensure the dimensional accuracy of the groundworks to suit the oak framed building.

Our typical groundwork specification is as follows:

• Construct a concrete foundation to support new walls, to a width of 450mm and depth of 1m
• Construct a series of 215mm thick brick walls to a height of 225mm (3 courses) above the oversite
• Install a 150mm layer of compacted sub base together with a damp proof membrane

• Cast a 150mm thick concrete oversite incorporating A412 reinforcement mesh and tamped to a smooth finish

Alternative foundation designs are available should ground conditions dictate, such as piled, pad and beam or raft foundations.

In many cases retaining walls are required to accommodate changes in levels or to reclaim land currently within a bank or slope. We design all our retaining walls to suit the site specific conditions and can construct part of the barn to act as the retaining wall as well as the building envelope, if required.

Surrey Oak Barns can install all underground foul drainage systems ranging from a simple connection into an adjacent manhole to the installation of new septic tanks, cesspools or sewage treatment plants. We can also apply for the discharge licence from the Environment Agency if a sewage treatment plant is required or a build over licence for shared drainage.

The techniques employed to construct our groundwork are no different to that for brick built buildings or extensions and our groundwork services are available to any client wishing to undertake any project.